Simplified definition of the element

Element is the simplest form of material can not be divided into two articles

The concept of race

One of the known species of basic materials . All materials are elements or compounds ( unions of elements ) . The hydrogen and oxygen from the elements , and water compound of hydrogen and oxygen .

Supports the World Federation of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the presence of 103 elements . Since 1964 , announced that several groups of scientists that they are classified as six new elements . However, it is not the formal acceptance of any of the elements advertised yet .

Element can be defined in one of two ways . 1 - is a substance that can not be chemically dissolved materials to the simpler ones , or 2 - is a material containing only one type of atoms .

Atoms and small pieces of material to the extent that it is required billions of them for the amount of work is very little of any substance .

The books came in some of the ancient Greeks and their predecessors that all the materials are only elements or compounds of elements with each other . Despite the simplicity of this view, it is difficult to determine whether a substance is an element or compound . There have been many mistakes in the discovery of the different elements . For example , show that seven out of 33 element mentioned by the French chemist Antoine Avoizih in the eighteenth century , were not real elements .

Although the 12 chemical element was known in ancient times , but it was not recognizable as elements . It was discovered 76 of the other elements between 1557 m and 1925 m . 21 also discovered another element since 1937 . There are no 18 of the known elements are naturally on the surface of the ground or in the interior , but they bring industrially under the direction subatomic particles with super speed to hit other atoms altering its structure.

Oxygen is the most abundant element in the earth's crust , as it constitutes half the weight of the earth's crust almost , while other elements make up a small part of the earth's crust .

There are most of the elements on the Earth's surface or in the interior, combined with other elements . Can be obtained on the remaining elements of the decomposition or disintegration of compounds containing the desired item . There are no elements manufactured in abundance were prepared from which only small amounts . All items are manufactured and some of the items on the Earth's surface or in the interior , radioactive elements .