Let's go through this experience we understand how it works the muscles in pairs


Materials needed:

    Promises sundae

    Two tapes Mtattiyan


    Stud Paper

    Adhesive tape

Action steps :


            1 . Latest Slicer by a hole in one end of each stick. Should not be too close to the hole party             2 . Put one above the other and chopsticks Thbthma together by Stud paper. Open ( ( legs ) ) cleat towards the outside in order to prove Alaudan together .             3 . Cut two strips Almtatian so that each long strip of rubber .             4 . Bit by party bar rubber adhesive tape at the inner edge of a chopsticks .              5 . Proved the second party of the bar in the middle of the inner edge of the other promises .              6 . Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second rubber band , but on the edges of the two external Udi candy.              7 . Move the chopsticks in and out gently and watch what happens to the rubber bar .

What happened?