Measuring devices

The measurement in the physical sciences , quality assurance , and engineering is the process of comparing physical quantities described things Oazawahr what with those selected as the unit of measurement . The numeric value of the measured quantity is the number to prove the relationship between the measured quantity and unit of measure chosen . The device used in the measurement device or tool , named by analogy. All gauges are subject to different degrees of error and uncertainty .

Engineers and scientists use a wide range of gauges in the measurement process . These devices vary in simplicity of rulers and hours of arrest to electron microscopes and particle accelerators . Virtual machines used widely in the development of modern measuring devices .

The most important gaugesEdit

A device for measuring the voltage difference voltage Mitter (voltmeter)

220px-Voltmeter hg

Creative Volt Metter from physics class

This device is used to measure the voltage applied between two electric load or to measure the voltage source , connects this device in parallel with the source or electrical load with the condition of validity of the power supply which should be the electric circuit to be measuring Voltaitha closed , contains this device selection key to select type voltage to be measured is it hesitant or fixed Creative Lemaitre of physics class .

    A device for measuring the current ( ammeter ) (ammeter)

This device is used to measure the electrical current flowing in the electric load , this device connects with the pregnancy to be measuring his movement , respectively, taking into account that the electrical circuit is closed , and has this device selection key to select the type of current to be measured is it hesitant or fixed
220px-Amperemeter hg

Creative Lemaitre of physics class.

    A device for measuring the resistance Ohms Mitter (ohommeter)

This device is used to measure the resistance to electrical loads and to make sure of the validity of these loads , this device connects with loads to be measuring the resistance in parallel with considerate to the lack of validity of the power supply circuit to be any open

    A device for measuring the ability Allowatmitr (watmeter)

This device is used to measure the ability of electrical loads and contains inside two files , one called the file of the current and connects with pregnancy , respectively, and the other so-called file -voltage and connects with the load on the parallel , conducting this device with pregnancy with considerate validity of the current in the circuit which means that the circuit is closed

    Multi- scale letter or Alavomitr (avometer)

This device combines the most important hardware ( ammeter , voltage Metter , Metter Ohms , .. ) This device may contain the key to choose from which you can choose the type of quantity to be measured and appropriate staging .